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Sage Partner Cloud for Sage 100 Software

Achieve your business goals with Sage Partner Cloud, a cost-effective, reliable, and scalable business solution


Signs Your Ready to Move to the Cloud

When should you make the jump to cloud hosting?

Time-Consuming Backups & Maintenance

Carrying your backup offsite?  Running manual backups weekly or monthly at best?  Working after hours doing routine system maintenance and patches?  Rest assure this all goes away in the cloud 

Cost Savings 

How much are you investing upfront in hardware and IT infrastructure? How much are you spending a year on upgrading and maintaining your on-premise systems? You could be saving more in the cloud

Outdated IT Infrastructure & Lack of System Resources

How long has it been since you updated your IT infrastructure? When your legacy software is outdated, cumbersome, and ultimately out of support it's time to look to the cloud

Security Decline

Is my firewall being patched regularly?  Do I have intrusion prevention systems running? If not your data security could be at risk and it may be safer to move to the cloud. 

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Save Simply with Sage 100 Cloud Hosting

  • Save costs when you eliminate on-premise infrastructure & servers
  • Save time by eliminating repetitive maintenance & upgrade tasks
  • Scale your business to new heights with cloud flexibility
  • Secure your business better with improved security & disaster recovery 



Features & Benefits of Joining Sage Partner Cloud

Drop the weight of on-premise and leave behind your legacy systems when you move to the cloud

Scale for Success

Easily scale resources up or down in Sage 100 based on your needs with on-demand scalability in Sage Partner Cloud

Improve Cost Efficiency

Save costs when you switch from traditional models with fixed infrastructure to a flexible cloud hosting solution

Enjoy Flexible & Collaborative Work

Enable your teams to collaborate and access data from different locations and remote work settings with cloud services that can be accessed anywhere

Reliability & Availability 

Improve system reliability when your systems are hosted in data centers with redundant systems

Automatic Updates & Maintenance

Focus on your core activities without worrying about infrastructure management

Disaster Recovery

Enjoy regular data backups with services for recovery in case of data loss or system failures

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Smoothly Transition to the Cloud

  • Release your team from time-consuming, manual maintenance and upgrade tasks
  • Gain easy access to data anytime, anywhere
  • Leverage powerful flexibility and scale your business

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