Sage X3 ERP

Gain competitive advantages with a fast, intuitive & tailored business management solution

Sage X3 ERP

Sage X3 ERP


Thrive in the Face of Complexity

Gain insight from business data across multiple machines and sources. Enable all stakeholders to access tailored live dashboards, overseeing performance, detecting anomalies. Utilize business intelligence and distribute consistent reports across the organization, trigger alerts, and workflows based on KPIs, and enable collaboration to make better decisions.

Enable faster production cycles and faster response times, while efficiently managing the supply chain. Using Sage ERP maintains optimal stock levels and delivers on customer commitments by easily identifying dependencies between work orders and material availability. Manage logistics, control warehouses, and track key information.

Streamline production, meet customer needs & improve manufacturing process predictability. Maintain agile production cycles with advanced bill-of-material management, production planning, and shop floor control. Cut costs, boost quality, and enhance customer service via non-compliance and non-conformance management to drive performance improvements.

Measure project ROI, expedite responses to customers, and optimize profits through precise project costing and pricing. Leverage the system for scheduling, cost projection, timesheet management, and financial tracking. Consolidate projects and create financial comparisons snapshots. Report on KPIs like sales margins, budgets and commitments.

Streamline Core Processes

From Manufacturing to Distribution to Financials

Deployment Options

Flexible cloud and on-premise deployment options to fit your business model

Multi, Multi, Multi

Multi-legislation, multi-company, multiple sites, multi-language & multi-currency

Tailored & Intuitive

An ERP system configured to meet your industry-specific needs

Transform Your Business

Deliver Greater Business Efficiency with a Comprehensive ERP System

Sage X3 ERP Overview
Not Your Typical ERP
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Sage X3

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Take Control of Your Business with Sage X3 Features

Drive greater efficiency with a flexible, tailored
Business Management Solution

  • Make better decisions with instant performance & cost insights
  • Deploy business units faster and quickly deliver new capabilities to your users
  • Simplify business operations with intuitive, easy to use data visualization & process flows
  • Scale your business with software built on a flexible & extensible data model

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Sage X3 Features


Why Choose Sage X3

The right systems don’t just make IT better or technology better. They make the company better. That’s what you want. This is the central nervous system of the company. That’s what a professionally managed business management system like Sage X3 provides us with.
Sage X3 ERP Empire Candle Co
Robert T.
Empire Candle Co
Since installing Sage X3 we’ve flowed over $29.6 million in orders through the system without a single day of missed orders. We’ve been much better at forecasting our internal inventory and have reduced our inventory on-hand values by 50% while increasing fill rate and inventory turns.
Sage X3 ERP Lykki
Calvin J.
We saw the business was growing….we knew that we needed to have a system that would grow with us. It has made all our lives easier, Sage X3 is being used across the board from purchasing through receiving, manufacturing and accounts. We’re all on the same system, able to track information in real-time.
Sage X3 ERP Food Corp
Marta V.
Food Corp.

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